A byte-sized taste of the world of video games

From a surreal puzzler to a shark-infested treasure hunt, Otago Polytechnic’s Hub has provided a byte-sized taste of our learners’ technical skills and creative vision in recent days. 

As part of our annual Student Showcase, Bachelor of Design (Communication) and Bachelor of Information Technology students have provided insights into their video game projects in an effort to promote new gaming pathways developed within both programmes. 

New Zealand’s games scene is a multi-million-dollar industry. Game development studios in New Zealand are in need of specialist game designers and developers.  

Recognising this growth, Otago Polytechnic has created game development pathways within relevant existing qualifications.  

From 2022 our Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Design (Communication) degrees will offer a focus on game development. 

Learners will graduate with the wider skills and knowledge within those degree programmes, as well as be armed with a portfolio of skills and experience tailored to the games industry.  

In other words, learner projects such as "Death, Guns, and Slippers", "Adventure on Shark Island", "Factorum" and "Subject 74", are more than the sum of their bleeps and blurps.  

Think of them as a flowchart to a seriously fun future.