Otago Polytechnic Design Lecturer wins national teaching award

Otago Polytechnic Lecturer Hannah Joynt has won an Ako Aotearoa Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award for 2021.

Hannah Joynt OP Design Lecturer

The Ako Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award is among the most prestigious teaching awards in New Zealand.

A Lecturer within Otago Polytechnic’s School of Design, Hannah's award is in the “General – Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching” section.

She is the only non-university academic to win an Ako award this year.

Otago Polytechnic Chief Executive Dr Megan Gibbons says the award reflects a strong culture of excellence at the institution.

“I’m delighted Hannah has been acknowledged with such a prestigious award,” says Dr Gibbons, a recipient of the same award in 2016 and one of more than 20 Otago Polytechnic educators who have won Ako Aotearoa Awards since 2007.

“It’s wonderful the Awards Committee has recognised Hannah’s dedication and excellence. Her contribution to Otago Polytechnic and her commitment to her students is greatly valued.

Hannah is an artist and teacher. Her teaching inspires the creativity and passion in the learners who come in contact with her,” Dr Gibbons says.

“Her learners describe her as ‘absolutely stunning at getting students engaged’ and credit her as an ‘amazing teacher’ who nurtures a positive community arts culture in all her learners. They commend her pastoral care, personal support, and commitment to supporting them in lifelong learning.

“We look forward to celebrating this award with Hannah when we return to campus.”

Hannah views teaching and learning as interchangeable.

“We learn to teach and teach to learn.

“In creative spaces we build a community of artists, learning and working together. I find students are more likely to take ownership of the processes and become experts through direct hands-on experience in learner-led ways.

“I view my role as an educator as a joy and my classroom a foundational component of a larger vibrant creative community. I play a part in nurturing an inclusive culture that helps to sustain learners beyond enrolment.”

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