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We carry out research in a wide range of disciplines to support the communities we are part of. We engage in research in collaboration with academic colleagues in universities and other institutions and we welcome collaboration opportunities.

We welcome your active participation with our research community:

  • as a collaborator or colleague
  • as a postgraduate student
  • as a community partner for research
  • as someone who can apply and benefit from our research
  • as a funder or co-funder of research 

Let's be curious together. 

Prof Leoni Schmidt
Director: Research & Postgraduate Studies 

Research collaboration opportunities

We welcome approaches from industry and community organisations who are interested in working with us. Together we can make a bigger difference.

Meet our Professoriate

Meet our Professoriate

Our Professors and Associate Professors provide academic leadership in teaching, research, and related discipline.

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Our Research and Postgraduate team are experienced professionals who support our researchers.