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Every industry in the world needs smart, innovative people with top-notch skills in administration, finance, strategic planning and communication. The School of Business is all about training students to become skilled professionals with applied knowledge.

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Our qualifications prepare you to be an autonomous business professional who can make decisions, solve problems, communicate clearly, collaborate, be flexible and multi-task. Our qualifications are focused on imparting practical, applicative knowledge to you so that you graduate work-ready.

Our graduates are leaders in their field who can apply critical thinking, evaluate options, anticipate risks and prioritise goals. We also have excellent relationships with the local and national businesses to ensure you gain plenty of practical experience during your programme.

Study your way

We offer plenty of ways to help you achieve your learning goals and work towards gaining a qualifications.

These are:

  • CapableNZ helps you recognise your prior experience and skills to gain a formal qualification. An ideal way to fast-track your desired qualification and fill in your knowledge gaps.
  • Our partners at eCampusNZ delivery fully-online courses in a range of study areas. The best part of studying online is that you can fit your learning in your lifestyle without disrupting your priorities.

Business subject areas

Find the business specialty area that interests you.

Deepen your knowledge with postgraduate study

Deepen your knowledge with postgraduate study

Explore our suite of postgraduate programmes to acquire advanced knowledge in a particular fie...

Want a student intern?

Want a student intern?

Our students can add value to your business through work experience and business research.

Research stories to inspire

We encourage applied research to support teaching and community needs, available to all.

Research stories to inspire

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If you want to know more about what we offer or you would like some guidance, we’re here to help. Feel free to chat to us directly about any questions you may have.